Communicate with wireless or internal sensors

Get the app * Currently supports more than 45 sensors (internal, bio, environment)

Save and View collected sensor data

Shows data in numerical form or in diagrams with adjustable thresholds or colour-coding

Get the app * real-time data or history

Share and Analyze sensor data

Share using e-mail, Google Drive, Dropbox, ...

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SenseView is not available anymore

It is replaced with more capable IoTool!

Shows you the actual readings

Colour coded graphs with adjustable thresholds are completed and shown in real time - simple parameters such as posture, activity, accelerations (x,y,z), proximity, latitude and longitude, light etc ...along with the more complex ones such as heart rate, ECG, respiratory rate - anything the sensor itself can track.


Colour coded graphs

Adjustable tresholds

Up to 20 sensor readings in real time

Real time or history

Adjustable time width

Simple sharing


Easy connection with internal and external sensors


Simple to connect, simple to use, simple to share.


Allows for easy inclusion of additional sensors from world class developers.


Connects to most of the commercially available sensors on the market.


Fully functional professional solution for free.

Minimum requirements

Android 4.0, DualCore processor

SenseView/Mobilis is one of the 12 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards 2014 finalists! CES, Las Vegas

SenseView/Mobilis is one of the Phase 1 Under Armour's Armour39 Challenge finalists!

SenseView/Mobilis won "App of the Month" and is featured on Bluetooth.org

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